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Health care in Italy

Italian citizens who have transferred or transfer their residence to a Foreign State with which no convention on health care is in force, such as the United States of America, lose their right to health care provided by the National Health Service (SSN) at the time of their cancellation from the APR municipal registry and enrollment in AIRE.

An exception is made for seconded Italian law workers who retain health care under Presidential Decree 618/1980.

However, the Decree of the Minister of Health, February 1, 1996, Art. 2), Paragraph 2) provides that if they temporarily return to Italy, Italian citizens residing abroad with emigrant status (as well as holders of pensions paid by Italian social security institutions), urgent hospital services are provided, free of charge, and for a maximum period of ninety days in the calendar year, if they do not have public or private insurance coverage for the aforementioned health care services.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that migrant status can and must be attested directly by the person concerned through a statement in lieu of certification to be submitted to the competent ASL at the time of service.

Included in the definition of emigrant status are:

  • Who is born in Italy, holds Italian citizenship, resides abroad and is registered with AIRE
  • Who is born abroad, possesses Italian citizenship, has resided in Italy and has been enrolled in the Anagrafe della Popolazione residente (ANPR) of a municipality and and has subsequently transferred his residence abroad by enrolling in AIRE

In both cases, the person concerned under Article 46 of Presidential Decree 445/2000, will self-certify date and place of birth, possession of Italian citizenship, current municipality of AIRE enrollment , and the municipality where he or she had been enrolled as Anagrafe della Popolazione Residente.