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Student Visa – Study abroad over 90 days

Students participating in study and study abroad programs
D type Visa (more than 90 days)

ALL APPOINTMENTS ARE IN PERSON AND MUST BE SCHEDULED no later than 7 days prior and not earlier than 6 months of the scheduled date of departure.


  • 1. Long term visa application form (National Long term D Visa) for stays over 90 days – (PLEASE FILL ELECTRONICALLY THEN PRINT IT)
  • 2. One recent passport size photo (professionally taken, full front, white background).
  • 3. Passport (valid at least 90 days beyond the intended stay in Italy) Original and photocopy of the main page.
  • 4. Photocopy of student’s ID and driver’s license (or state ID).
  • 5. Enrollment Letter in Italian filled out from the University in Italy (not simply filled out by the American Institution but on their own letterhead) addressed to the Visa Office of the Italian Consulate in Boston, confirming the enrollment of the student, program datesduration, weekly hours of attendance (minimum 20 hours a week) and specifying the address of the student’s accommodation.
  • 6. Enrollment Letter from the University in United States, addressed to the Visa Office of the Italian Consulate in Boston, specifying that the student is officially enrolled with said University and confirming his/her enrollment in the University Study Abroad Program in Italy. The letter should also indicate the address of the University in Italy, program dates and duration.
  • 7. Students who have been granted a scholarship/financial aid are required to provide a letter from the University stating the amount and the date of disbursement.
  • 8. Proof of international health coverage for the entire duration of the program (Also including evacuation and repatriation). Insurances that offer only reimbursements will NOT be accepted. Alternatively an affidavit of insurance can be submitted.
  • 9. Applicant must provide the last month of a personal US bank statement. Availability of funds must be at least 30$ per day for the entire duration of the program. Only in case of insufficient funds the household’s last month statement can be provided (please see n.12).
  • 10. Money Order (type D Study) duly filled out and made to: Consulate General of Italy in Boston.
  • 11. Round trip flight from the U.S to the Italy and departure from Schengen area;
  • 12. Affidavit of Support. In case of applicant’s insufficient funds, one or both parents must submit an affidavit of support along with their personal bank statement. The Affidavit must notarized by a Notary Public;
  • 13. Optional: If you would like the passport/visa returned by mail you will need to provide a USPS pre-paid and preaddressed priority envelope with tracking. A written waiver  filled out and signed must also be provided. Please provide a copy of the envelope showing the tracking number. 


APPLICATIONS FOR MINORS must be signed and presented by both parents; if one of the parents cannot be present he/she must fill out a consent letter which will need to be notarized (or signed in front of the Visa Officer after identification). An original copy of the birth certificate of the minor must also be presented. A declaration of responsibility must be filled out by a representative of the hosting School/University, the representative’s id is also needed.
IMPORTANT: Parents must also sign a declaration for the custody of the minor assigning such custody to the school representative while on school grounds and to another adult if sleeping off campus (can be the hosting family while not in school. Such declaration must be notarized. (or signed in front of the Visa Officer after identification) and a copy of both parents valid id (passports) must also be submitted.

A letter signed by the adult/s accepting the custody of the minor while in Italy must also be submitted (with copy of his/her id).

Visa Office has full authority to evaluate and request additional documentation, if deemed necessary, in addition to what particular visa.