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Business Visa

Schengen Business Visa Requirements – stays up to 90 days – ALL APPOINTMENTS MUST BE SCHEDULED no earlier than 6 months and no later than 15 days prior the scheduled date of departure.

All documents must be presented in original and photocopy (included photocopy of passport and relevant pages, green card, driving license, I-20, Advanced Parole etc.)

Applicants should provide:

1. Shengen Visa application form duly filled in and signed at the Consulate. The applicant must appear in person;

2. Recent passport-style photo (3,5 cm x 4,5 cm or 1”3/8 x 1”3/4, full front and white background);

3. Passport (and copy of relevant pages) or travel document valid three months over the planned stay in Italy. The passport will be kept and returned with the visa, if approved. Passports issued more than 10 years before the dates of travel cannot be accepted. Passports must have at least two empty ‘visa’ pages. For non US citizens: Alien Registration Card or a valid US INS visa and letter from US government letters i.e. Advanced Parole, IAP66, I20 and copies (any visa except B1-B2); Moreover for non-US citizens proof of residence such as driving license or State Income tax.

4. Round trip flight reservations from the U.S to the Schengen Area and departure from Schengen area;

5. Employment letter in original from the appliant’s company in USA specifyng the reasons the applicant is expected in Italy, position held by the applicant, dates of trip and duration of stay as well as declaration of financial responsibility. For self-employed applicants: copy of Certificate of incorporation, business income taxes return, business bank statments;

6. Invitation letter from Italian company (in original, on letterhead). The person signing the letter should also include a copy of ID Card/passport;

7. Copy of business registration with chamber of commerce in Italy (Visura camerale);

8. Hotel reservation with applicant name;

9. Proof of economic means of support, as per Ministry of Interior Directive 1.3.2000. Last three months bank statements: the most recent full statements which include bearers name, address and financial history;

10. Proof of medical insurance covering the entire period of stay in Italy to be issued by an insurance company based in the US or European Union – Insurance policies issued by other countries will not be accepted. Print before coming to the appointment. The letter from your insurance company must state that you will be covered for any hospitalization, emergency/medical evacuation, and repatriation of remains for at least 30,000 Euro during your stay in the Schengen area. Insurances that offer only reimbursements will NOT be accepted.


This consular administration has full authority to evaluate and request additional documentation, if deemed necessary, in addition to what is submitted. Furthermore, the applicant is hereby informed that submitting all required documentation does NOT guarantee the issuance of any particular visa.

Note that incomplete documentation will not be accepted.

Please note that your application will be rejected if you are missing the following documents:

– Flight reservations

– Official business invitation from Italy