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Study Internship Visa Requirements

  1. Visa application form duly filled in and signed. For a short stay visa up to 90 days please download and fill in Schengen Visa application form. For long stay visa beyond 90 days please download and fill in Long term application form.
  2. Recent passport-style photo (3,5 cm x 4,5 cm or 1”3/8 x 1”3/4, full front and white background);
  3. Passport or travel document valid at least three months over the planned stay in Italy and a photocopy of relevant pages;
  4. Copy of State driver’s license, State ID, State Income tax or last 3 months utility bills;
  5. Original birth certificate or notarized copy
  6. Round trip flight reservations;
  7. Documentation concerning the internship program: Internship programs are organized by authorized entities (as per Art. 2 paragraph 1 of Decree of Ministry of Labor and Welfare N. 142 dated 03.25.1998) and are implemented according to a specific agreement between the promoting institution and the hosting employer. The visa can be requested by presenting a formal internship project (as per Art. 18 of Law N. 196/97 and Art. 4 of the D.M. N. 142/98) duly stamped by the competent Italian Region;
  8. Letter from the University in United States, addressed to the Visa Office of the Italian Consulate in Boston, specifying that the student is officially enrolled with said University and confirming his/her enrollment in the University.
  9. Proof of economic means of support, as per Ministry of Interior Directive 1.3.2000;
  10. Declaration of the availability in Italy of an appropriate lodging;
  11. Proof of enough financial means for returning to your Home Country or a return flight ticket;
  12. Proof of medical insurance covering the entire period of stay in Italy. US health insurances are accepted only with a letter from the insurance provider confirming overseas coverage. The letter from your insurance company must state that you will be covered for all medical expenses, hospitalization and repatriation for at least 30,000 euro during your stay in Europe. If your current insurance company does not provide such coverage, you are required to find an international insurance.