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Educational Office


Educational Office

Benvenuto nella parte del sito consolare dedicata piu’ specificatamente alle azioni legate alla diffusione dello studio della lingua italiana nelle scuole americane, nei Colleges e nei tanti corsi attivati dalle associazioni locali.

In questa parte del sito potrai trovare le notizie che riguardano la lingua italiana piu’ in generale.


Director of the Education Office
600 Atlantic Avenue - Boston

February 27 2023

Grants for schools (Chapter 2619/2 - 2023)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has issued the Decree 4815/0120 - attached hereto - by which it establishes the criteria and procedures for the disbursement of funds allocated in Chapter 2619, Management Plan 2. These grants are aimed at the promotion of Italian language and culture exclusively in primary and secondary schools. The grants contribute to the payment of teachers’ salaries hired under local law, scholarships and study trips to Italy.

Schools interested in competing and subsequently submitting their application for grants, will have to submit the forms and the letter through the Education Office at the Consulate General of Italy in Boston no later than March 10th 2023.

· Capitolo 2619, Programma Gestionale 2, 2023: Contributions for K-12 schools to support Italian teaching positions, both existing or to be started, and contributions to study trips to Italy.

A) contributions to support Italian teaching positions, both existing or new (Forms A and A2);

B) contributions to study trips to Italy (Forms B and B2, to be awarded in case funding requests in Program A are not completely used).

Please take the time to read the attached guidelines:


In order to submit applications, both the letter and the forms are to be signed by the Principal or Head of Department.

Please notice:

The deadline to submit the application form and documents to this office is March 10th, 2023.

The application should include:

a) dated and signed letter of request of the School, on the School's headed paper, signed by the Principal with the motivation of the request and description of Italian Language activities;

b) application Forms A, B, as applicable, completed in all its parts in Italian, also dated and signed by the Principal (.pdf format);

c) If your school was awarded contributions in the past five years, a report on the results achieved and evidence of the usage of the last grant received should be submitted (Forms A2, B2, as applicable):

The contribution request for Italian teaching positions should not exceed euro 25,000.00 corresponding to 50% of the annual income of an Italian lecturer at university;

The forms are in editable PDF format to facilitate data entry, to allow the Legal Representative of the requesting school to upload their signature (in jpeg format), the Consulate to insert the stamp (in jpeg format) and its digital signature.

To ensure full functionality of the editable PDF format you will need to open attachments using Adobe, Internet Explorer or Edge.

Only applications that are filled out in the editable PDF format will be accepted.

Award criteria can be downloaded from: