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Register a marriage certificate


Register a marriage certificate

In order to transcribe a marriage occurred in the territorial jurisdiction of this Consulate General - Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, the following documents must be provided to this Office:

  • Certified copy of the marriage certificate;
  • Apostille from the Secretary of State to be attached to the certified copy of the marriage certificate;
  • Translation in Italian language of the marriage certificate;
    • If a translator is used, the translator's signature needs to be notarized and Apostilled;
    • Vital records certificates (birth, marriage, civil union and death) can be translated by the applicant if the translation follows the following guidelines, alternatively a professional translator must be hired.
    • Translation guidelines:
      • Translations must contain all information present in the original certificate, all date formats must be (dd/mmm/yyyy);
      • Translations must be done according to the original including all information present which must be factual, interpretations are not accepted;
      • Translations must be typed, handwritten translations will not be accepted. It is not necessary to translate the apostille or other certifications;
      • It is not necessary to follow the exact visual aspect of the original certificate (stamps, boxes);

  • Form to request the registration of the marriage certificate duly filled out and signed.

Please note: the above documentation will need to be sent by mail:

Consolato Generale d'Italia
Ufficio Stato Civile
600 Atlantic Avenue 17th floor
Boston, MA 02210-2206

Please speficy a phone number so we may contact you.