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Cittadinanza "Jure Sanguinis"



Citizenship "Jure Sanguinis" - Appointment needed

Before scheduling an appointment you are required to read very carefully the instructions contained here

Please be also aware that if you do not find an available spot, we will reopen on (September 12TH 2022 around 4 pm EST

The day of your appointment along with your full documentation a proof of permanent residency must be presented.

The day of your appointment, a payment of €300.00 is also required. Such payment is accepted by money order ONLY (made to Italian General Consulate Boston). The amount in US dollars changes every trimester. The current fee is equal to $319.70 payable to: Consolato Generale d'Italia Boston (valid until September 30th 2022)


Guideline For Required Documentation

All documentation must be submitted in original and will not be returned (with the exception of the naturalization certificate)

(*) All documents from outside the USA must follow legalizations procedures required by each foreign country. They must also be apostilled, translated into Italian and the translation must be stamped at the competent Italian Consulate in such country. Translations must be done by professional translators only.

Please download the relevant forms:

  • FORM 1 - Already filled out by the applicant when submitted, signed at the Consulate

  • FORM 2 - Already filled out by the applicant when submitted, signed at the Consulate

  • FORM 3 - To be filled out and signed by the living ancestor in the lineage (the signature can be done here in person, on the  day of the appointment. The ancestor who cannot come to the Consulate must have his signature legalized by a notary public. If living in a country outside the US, his signature must be legalized by the competent Italian Consulate in such Country

  • FORM 4 - You can fill it out for the deceased ancestor/s - 1 for each ancestor -and sign them on the day of your appointment