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The law n. 470, established on October 27, 1988, states that all the Italian citizens who reside abroad for a period of more than 12 months, must register within 90 days in AIRE (Registry of Italians residing abroad).

The registration is the prerequisite for many consular services, in particular passport issuance, the right to vote and access to legal services offered by the Consulate.

To register in the AIRE or to change your current address please click here


Documentation needed:

  • Copy of the Italian passport for all family members;
  • Copy of legal residence in USA: US passport;
  • US permanent resident card or US visa;
  • Proof of residence in the consular jurisdiction: driver’s license with current address, or utility bill, or rental contract.

Only scanned pdf documents will be accepted with a resolution of 150-200dpi. This office cannot accept images taken by smart phone or image files. 

IMPORTANT: Please READ CAREFULLY before proceeding.

After you create a Fast It account, you must submit a SEPARATE AIRE registration through the system. Creating an account does not mean you are registered.

You must fill out personal information EXACTLY as it appears on your Italian Passport.

If you do not have an Italian passport, fill out information EXACTLY as it appears on your birth certificate, issued by the Italian municipality.

Middle names should be included in the first name field "NOME".

Date of birth must be in European format: DAY / MONTH / YEAR.

In addition, for dual citizens:

  • If you do not yet have the Italian passport, you need a letter from the Consulate or a certificate from the Comune attesting your Italian citizenship;
  • If the foreign citizenship has been acquired after your birth: copy of the naturalization certificate.

The Consulate, upon verification of the information given, will forward to the last Comune of residence in Italy (or to the Comune where the birth certificate has been registered if the person has never lived in Italy) for the registration.

For Italians moving to USA Please be aware:

Since there is no bilateral agreement between Italy and USA for medical coverage, the AIRE registration will cancel the individual from of the local AUSL “Azienda Unita’ Sanitaria Locale” medical assistance list.

It is mandatory to update the following:Change of address

Change of civil status (marriage, divorce, birth of children etc)Definitive return to ItalyLoss of Italian citizenship.